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Digital Design 

Discover the digital tools that we can provide your business. Erect your podium and tap the microphone, and express your creative ideas efficiently and eloquently. 

CLICK DUO-squiggles

With a great grasp of business tactics, Click Duo Creative will aid you in considering how your business would like to be heard. 


"We need a brand identity that echoes our business ethos!"
"I need a exhibition/ print  designer with illustrative skills!"


Motion Graphics

These can communicate complicated concepts with simplicity and finesse. Found in adverts, explainer videos, music videos and more, motion graphics bring life to your brand.



Animation is giving life to your imagination. We deliver this illusion of movement with your drawings, images or ideas.


Social Media

Creating visuals for social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and more. This includes posts, stories, profile images, graphics, and other visuals to help support your content strategy.



You want striking visuals to communicate your ideas. A collection of imagery, data visualisations like pie charts and bar graphs, and minimal text will surely deliver an easy-to-understand overview of a topic.


Video Editing

The overlooked art of video editing delivers a cadence, beat and flow to your video project. We cut together film clips, correct sound mixing, add digital effects, and make other essential changes to your video files.


Web Design

To ensure a good user experience, this process is essential. Conceptualize and implement a functional ‘feng shui’ to your website with our help and experience.


Digital Templates

Digital editable Templates for your company toolkit, website or company presentations. These vary in formats from a Powerpoint template to developing editable Word Templates e.g. Letterhead & Reports.


Interative PDF's

This format is perfect for presentations, reports and brochures as they’re easy to engage with and adaptable to your audience.


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