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Graphic and Digital Designer's Speaking Your Language

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Charanjit CLICK DUO Creative
Jaz CLICK DUO Creative

Showing you the various digital platforms that we work with.

Introducing you to the essential building blocks of your business and the formats that we work with. 

Meet the Duo our expert Graphic and digital designer's will work alongside you empowering your digital and print media. We'll elevate your brand, website, and marketing material with stunning creativity, including standout social media assets, motion graphics, and animation to drive any campaign or vision. 

Our Graphic and Digital Designer's work with the Best Clients and Partners

I have known Charanjit for many years, having worked with her in a previous role. She is incredibly creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. So when she and Jaz started up their own creative design agency, Click Duo, there was no question about who I wanted to recruit for freelance our design support at Visionable. Both Charanjit and Jaz are incredibly talented, efficient and professional, always delivering a high standard of design work in line with our brand style. 

Vaishali Patel
Head of Marketing at Visionable Global